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The ‘course permission’ course (step 1)

You will learn about all aspects of the golf course and the basic principles of golf: namely technique and etiquette. This fully prepares you for a more enjoyable on-course experience.
You will learn how to train and physically prepare for the training. Another important aspect of the game of golf is ‘fair play’.

What will we be doing?

  • Three two-hour lessons on the driving range, chipping and putting green. During these lessons you will learn the basic swings and the main rules.
  • Three two-hour lessons on the golf course. Learn how to directly apply what you have learned in practice!


€425 per person

Includes: player’s booklet with step 1 and use of a golf set during the lessons.
Excludes: NGF golf starter package (€60).

Duration: three days

Step 2

Successfully completed step 1? For more information about the next step, please click on Handicap 54